White rhino


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White rhino for sale

Strain Name: White Rhino
Grade: A-
Type: Indica (Organic Grow)
Looks: Chunky light green buds with bright orange hairs. Tons of hairs that hang off the buds like troll hair. Lots of crystals cover every green part of the bud. (8/10)
Smell: Very fresh earthy smell with hints of berry fruit. When I broke it up it smelled liked fresh berries. Smells absolutely delicious! (9/10)
Taste: Has a great fresh crisp earthy taste with a faint hint of sourness, the organic grow really showed up in the great taste. Very smooth. (9/10)
Effects: Night time use. This is a great strain for pain relief, relaxing, and anti-anxiety. Provided an almost narcotic like effect and had me nearly couchlocked. Was somewhat clear headed and able to get stuff done in the process. Too much and its sleepy time. Powerful medicinal effects to say the least. (8/10)
Potency: Strong (9/10)

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